Wednesday, April 16, 2014


This word is fantastic because it can foster both peace and security. I can only speak for my experience, but I have found that when I let it permeate my being, I am at ease. I am enough. In a place where I am sensitive to demanding expectations, this word lets me rest gently. Enough doesn't mean perfection, enough isn't controlling, enough doesn't let you off easy, it simply grounds. That's all that's necessary.

Enough also allows me to draw a line around my space, around me. Enough let's me voice displeasure over, for lack of a better word, bullshit, and then move on. Enough creates a semi-permeable membrane around my being that allows me the power to welcome what is good and necessary while rejecting what is harmful, damaging, and counterproductive.

I am enough, just by being. You are enough, just by being. We are enough, just by being.

This is enough for me.

Now, various updates. I have been living in Alexandria, a few miles from DC for the past month with two lovely roommates. The job situation got a little too exciting, but I start a full-time position tomorrow with a company where I will, among other things, get to drive a truck. Childhood dream, check. Other than that, life moves quickly, and I'm just trying to keep up. I look forward to living somewhere with a slower pace and am missing the mountains something fierce.

If nothing else, I'm realizing how much data I've gathered from wandering the better part of the past year. I look forward to creating/finding/having external stability to match my internal stability, and to not physically wandering the corners of this country. I have, however, loved the cross-country driving, as well as the people I've met and things I've seen. That's another blog post. I manage about one a month. Oh goody.

Stay tuned!

The Capitol Building from the Mall during dusk

The best time to see the memorials is at night. I loved the FDR and Dr. King memorials;
this quote is from the latter.

Spring has sprung in my neighborhood!

 Flowers across the street from an interesting job I was working...
Let's just say it's worth its own post. So funny and so frustrating.

I worked at the US Science and Engineering Festival this past weekend and have learned why the agents in The Matrix were so pissy. Those ear pieces are annoying!

Take a ride on the Magic School Bus! 

Although I'm not part of the STEM crowd, it was interesting to see the breadth and variety of groups represented at the festival, as well as to meet people who were unapologetically excited about what they were doing and what was happening.

I didn't have a chance to really go through and explore the exhibits since I was working, but it was a really unique experience, and I'm glad to have been able to work at it. Among other things I saw 3-D printers in action, learned that Humboldt squids change their coloring to communicate with each other (Squids4Kids at Sanford), and ate copious amounts of brownies in the staff office.

I also accidentally told a woman at the International Women in Mathematics Society booth that I "stopped dealing with math in elementary school." This is a wee bit of a lie because I enjoyed statistics in college, but I am glad I got to be the stereotype they're working to counteract. You're welcome, IWMS.

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